Tile & Grout Restored to Perfection

Like a quote?

General Facts & Information

How do I arrange a quote?

It's really simple to do. You can call your local Grout Wizard direct (see the Find a Wizard page) or make a FREE call to our Call Centre on 1800 959 697. Alternatively, you can fill out our quick quote form & your local Grout Wizard will be in touch as soon as possible to arrange a suitable time to meet with you.

Do you charge for a quote?

It's absolutely FREE & you are under no obligation at all. After Grout Wizards have assessed the area & carried out a series of checks & tests you will be provided with a fully itemised written quote outlining all of your options.

How long does a quote take?

It normally takes about 30 minutes for Grout Wizards to make a full assessment & provide options for you. During this time your local Grout Wizard will carry out a series of checks & tests to make sure you are provided with the correct solutions for your needs.

I am at work during the week, at what times do you quote?

We are more than happy to work around your schedule & provide a FREE quote at a time that suits you.

Are you able to provide a quote over the phone?

Every job is different. This makes it impossible to provide you with an accurate quote over the phone. We want to make sure that our solutions are correct & our pricing is accurate & there are no surprises. Our quotes are FREE & you are under no obligation.

Do you require me to pay a deposit?

No. We only require payment when we are finished & you are completely satisfied with the work we have completed for you.