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Does Bleach Really Kill Mould

We wish it were true, we really do. It would be so easy.

Head down to the shops grab some bleach, chuck it around & bob's your uncle. However, this is one of the great untruths. Bleach does not kill Mould. This has been scientifically proven & there is no disputing this. We understand that when Bleach is used you have that lingering "Hospital" smell & that creates the perception of a clean, sterilised, hygienic, mould free area.  It also removes the Surface Mould & on the surface (no pun intended) it looks like you have killed it & gotten rid of the problem.

Have you ever wondered why it comes back quicker, bigger & worse than ever?

Here are the facts.

Chlorine bleach-based products are often regarded as the answer for removing and halting mould growth in its tracks. It is usually the first thing many of you will reach for when cleaning a mould-contaminated area. While bleach may be effective in certain applications as a steriliser, it will not remove mould on a porous surface. Bleach can actually contribute negatively to certain mould problems causing quicker regrowth. Bleach can only remove surface mould. Because mould will grow very deep roots in porous surfaces such as wood, grout & gyprock, bleach will not be helpful at all in eliminating mould. Most bleach products are made up of up to 90% water. The active component of the bleach cannot penetrate to destroy the growth at its roots; (this is what you have to do to kill it) it remains on the surface while the water component of the bleach does penetrate & reaches further down. Water is one of the 3 things that Mould needs to flourish & the penetrating water will actually feed the mould growth.

This is one of the reasons why mould returns very quickly after the use of bleach & bleach-based products. The other issue with bleach-based products is that they will significantly shorten the life of your grout because it is so alkaline. With repeated use, you will find that eventually your grout will go brittle, start to crumble & eventually fall out. You then run the very high risk of your shower starting to leak & this creates a whole new set of problems.

I bet you also didn't know that Chlorine bleach produces fumes that pollute the air and can become harmful to humans and pets. Chlorine bleach also generates a by-product called dioxin, which has been linked to cancer. Use over time builds up these pollutants in the environment. The best way to get rid of a badly mould infected area is to have the contaminated grout completely removed & replaced with a commercial grade Epoxy Grout. This will solve a whole heap of other maintenance issues as well & you will be well on the way to a stain-free, mould free, almost maintenance free shower. Grout Wizards can show you how cost effective it really is to achieve a virtually mould free shower recess.