Tile & Grout Restored to Perfection


Loose or Hollow Sounding Tiles? Why does it happen?

November 2017

When you walk on a tile floor you know what to expect right? It's supposed to feel solid & hard & it kind of feels like walking on solid concrete or it should, shouldn't it? At some stage, most people will have walked on a seemingly solid tiled surface Read More

Why Showers Leak

October 2017

There is no one answer as to why your shower is leaking. We wish it were that simple but quite often there are a combination of reasons why you have this issue. The one thing we can tell you for sure is that you need to have it further investigated as leaking shower no matter how minor it is, is a serious problem. It can lead to major structural issues if not attended to early. Read More

Does Bleach Really Kill Mould

September 2017

We wish it were true, we really do. It would be so easy. Head down to the shops grab some bleach, chuck it around & bob's your uncle. However, this is one of the great untruths. Bleach does not kill Mould. Read More