Tile & Grout Restored to Perfection

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Nothing looks as bad as dirty stained & mouldy silicone seal.

There is nothing more unhygienic than bacteria-laden & mouldy silicone seal. 

There is no doubt that new Silicone Seal will improve the look of all of your wet areas including your bathroom, laundry shower & kitchen tiled areas.  

Grout Wizards are experts when it comes to treating stubborn reappearing mould and fungus at its source. We provide a complimentary mould treatment with our state of the art Mould Killer Ultra Mould. Unlike "So-Called" miracle products that claim to kill mould Grout Wizards Ultra Mould actually, kills mould at its source.

As well as a fresh, clean look Silicone Seal Replacement helps protect your home against costly water damage.

Our professional Silicone Seal is specially formulated & designed for use in wet areas. Not only does it help prevent new mould returning it is also environmentally friendly. 

All Grout Wizards are fully trained & accredited in the professional application of new Silicone Seal. Once your new silicone seal is completed Grout Wizards will also provide you with maintenance advice so your new Silicone Seal looks as good as the day it was done many years from now. 

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