Tile & Grout Restored to Perfection

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LEAKING SHOWERS 100% SEALED For Less than you would think!

All carried out without removing any tiles & all FULLY GUARANTEED.


As with everything at Grout Wizards, we have developed what we believe to be the very best system for dealing with Leaking Showers of its kind. We looked at what was on the market & the way some others attempted to do it & we thought we can do better than that.

One of the big things that we found that were really common was the claim of fixing it fast. That sounded great to us but we quickly discovered one thing. You can do it fast or you can do it right. We chose to do it RIGHT.

Several years & countless hours of research & development has come up with what we believe to be the best Leaking Shower Repair System of it's kind available today. 

On arrival, Grout Wizards will carry out our extensive 20 point Shower Health Check List.

Our process starts with a non-invasive Leak Test using the latest in cutting-edge Moisture Detection Technology.Thermal imaging technology and moisture measuring devices allow us to accurately measure build-up of water behind tiles, in shower walls and floors etc. Moisture Meter gauge and infrared camera devices are used to detect leaks and clarify the severity of the problem.

If it is determined that the leak stems from a leaking pipe or another plumbing issue we will put you in contact with one of our network of licensed plumbers to solve this for you (we are not plumbers nor do we pretend to be).

Along with our other checks & tests, Grout Wizards will also Inspect All Grout Joints Manually, Assess the Structure, Adhesion & Integrity Of All Tiles & Inspect the Structural Integrity of the Floor Waste. As part of the process, Grout Wizards will also check your Silicone Seals & carry out a Shower Recess Flood-Test.

You will then be provided with a full report outlining what the issues are & the rectification options that are available to you.    

When you give us the go-ahead your local Grout Wizards will be complete the remediation work required as soon as possible with a minimum of fuss & inconvenience. Most shower leak repairs can be completed in one day. 
Once completed you can say goodbye to your troublesome leaking shower & have peace of mind for the next 10 years.


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