Tile & Grout Restored to Perfection

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You wouldn't get a plumber to service your car would you? You wouldn't have a motor mechanic do your plumbing repairs either, would you?

Why would you have anyone else other than Grout Wizards look after your expensive tile, stone & hard surfaces around your home? 

2nd best is not an option at Grout wizards.

It's well known that Grout Wizards are the industry benchmark when it comes to internal tile cleaning. We are specialists in all surfaces including porcelain tiles, marble, travertine, granite & all natural stone cleaning. 

Tile, Grout, Stone & Hard Surface Restoration is all we do. 

You may not know that Grout Wizards also specialise in the cleaning & restoration of all exterior hard surfaces. 

We not only can clean your paths, patio's, decks & entertainment areas back to life but can also protect them with our advanced sealing & protection products to keep them looking as new.

Moss, Mould & Mildew has no chance with Grout Wizards on the job. We will use our exclusively developed exterior mould & mildew treatment to not only kill mould & mildew but also stop it returning for up to 2 years.

All Grout Wizards are house trained. We understand that we are guests on your property & other than brilliantly Clean Tiles, Grout, Stone & Hard Surfaces you would not know that we had been there.

Worried about the environment?

So are we. Grout Wizards exclusive products & techniques are the most  Eco-friendly of their kind available.

If you're concerned about your surfaces being slippery & dangerous when wet, don't worry we can solve that problem for you as well.

Our industry-leading Anti Slip & Slippery Surface Solutions are the best of their kind available.  

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