Tile & Grout Restored to Perfection

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Grout Wizards have developed an exclusive process for leaking balcony repairs without the cost or inconvenience of removing the tiles. 

Leaking balconies can not only be a real nuisance but if left unrepaired it can lead to major damage to your property. Left unattended it can become a major problem that will be very expensive & invasive to fix.

Porous, incorrectly sealed tiles and grout, cracked and loose tiles & grout, failed silicone seal & caulking and building movement creating cracking in joints are a just a few of the reasons why balconies may leak. 

Grout Wizards will never try to diagnose & solve your Leaking Balcony problem over the phone. It requires a careful inspection of the area to find out why the leak has occurred.

Grout Wizards will come to your home obligation FREE to carry out a full inspection. We will provide you with a detailed report of our findings & outline any solutions to your problems that are available to you.

We will not only repair the leak but while we are there we can also clean and rejuvenate the look of your balcony tiles leaving your Tiles & Grout Restored to Perfection. 

We are not builders nor do we pretend to be so we will not attempt to rebuild your balcony or carry out any structural work. If the worst happens & that is what is required we will point you in the right direction. 

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