Slippery Surface Treatment

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In economic terms, slip & falls cost Australian society more than any other type of injury.

Slips, trips and falls have become one of the main health and safety risks in our community and the most expensive occupational health and safety cost for business and industry. 

These slip & fall injuries are not just limited to public or commercial areas & are very common around the home especially in exposed areas like patios, pathways & pool surrounds.

In fact, any area that is subject to moisture is a potential hazard. 

Of greater concern is the fact that you as the owner or occupier of the area may be liable & depending on the circumstances you may not be covered by your insurances.

Let's face it, in reality, it is just not practical to keep some of these areas completely dry all of the time

Having the correct Anti-slip treatment of your surfaces can significantly reduce the likelihood of injuries on smooth polished surfaces due to slip and fall accidents.

Grout Wizards exclusive Anti-Slip Treatment is an ideal choice to prevent accidental slipping on smooth wet surfaces.  

All Grout Wizards are fully trained & accredited in the treatment of slippery surfaces including concrete, terracotta tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, limestone, marble, granite and more.  

With a 20-year international successful track record, the propriety tile anti-slip formula used by Grout Wizards will improve safety on both interior and exterior floors.  Our  Anti-Slip Treatment will not significantly alter the look of your surfaces. 

As good as our Ultra Slip Anti-Slip Treatment is we do not just assume it will work & always carry out a series of tests to make sure we get the correct result for you.

 Acknowledged by major insurance companies as the industry leader the Grout Wizards Ultra Slip Anti Slip Tile Treatment is proven to be the most effective Anti Slip Treatment of its kind.

If you have dangerously slippery tiles or slippery surfaces, Grout Wizards can fix it quickly giving you anti-slip tiles.

Here are just some of the benefits of Grout Wizards Ultra Slip 

  • Dramatically improves safety on both interior and exterior floors
  • We can treat Concrete, terracotta tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, limestone, marble, granite and more.
  • Does not significantly alter the surface appearance
  • Very Cost effective. A fraction of the cost of the alternatives.
  • Only activates when the surface or footwear is wet
  • Acknowledged by major Insurance Companies as being the most effective product of its kind!
  • Unlike coating type products it will not wear or peel off.
  • Quick to do. Most installation can be completed in 1 day.
  • Treated areas can be walked on immediately

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