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Why Showers Leak

There is no one answer as to why your shower is leaking. We wish it were that simple but quite often there are a combination of reasons why you have this issue. The one thing we can tell you for sure is that you need to have it investigated further as a leaking shower no matter how minor it is, is a serious problem. It can lead to major structural issues if not attended to early. 

Correct diagnosis of the problem is very important. It is strongly recommended that you engage a professional who will use advanced leak detection equipment to determine the extent of the problem. High moisture levels behind the wall is an indicator of something more sinister & should be investigated further. Using the latest Infrared Moisture meters is a must as they are like a set of eyes behind the wall & pinpoint where potential issues are.

If it is decided that the issue is plumbing related the problem needs to be dealt with straight away by a licensed plumber. If the leak is not plumbing related then further investigation is required however usually the leak can be fixed with a minimum of fuss & inconvenience. 

The number of reason why the shower is leaking can include the following: 

Failed Grout, Missing Grout, Cracked Grout, the Wrong Grout, Cracked Tiles, Damaged Silicone Seal, the Wrong Silicone Seal Failed Waterproofing membrane, incorrect or failed Shower Glass Seals etc etc.   

The trick is to remove all of the areas of potential failure & replace them with the latest technology. The reason we do this at Grout Wizards is that it is virtually impossible to determine what one factor is causing the leak if it is not plumbing related or a structural issue. We are realists here at Grout Wizards so we decided that the best way to tackle a leaking shower is to cover every possible contingency. To date, this cover everything philosophy has given us a 100% success rate when dealing with leaking showers. One of the big things we do is take items like the waterproofing membrane out of the equation. Most people don't know this but if your shower is over 10 years old that there is a very real chance that your waterproofing membrane has or is failing. They don't last forever & that is assuming it has been installed correctly in the first place.

Whatever you chose to do at least make sure that you get the problem investigated by a professional as doing nothing can lead to a major problem & a very major expense.

Grout Wizards offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION Shower Health Check & Report so at least you will know where you stand & what options are available to you. 

Below are a couple of examples of what can happen if a Leaking Shower is ignored.