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For years Epoxy Grout has been the go-to choice for ALL commercial situations where the strongest, longest lasting, mould resistant & virtually STAIN FREE & STAIN PROOF GROUT is required. Unlike traditional cement based grout that is extremely porous, stains easily & harbours bacteria & mould Epoxy Grout is used in areas where a Bacteria Free & Hygienic Grout finish is required. 

With over 35 years of practical & technical experience Grout Wizards are fully trained & accredited by the worlds leading manufacturers of Epoxy Grout & have proven techniques for using it around the home where an almost  STAIN PROOF GROUT solution is required.

Why would you settle for 2nd best?

If you're sick of scrubbing the stains, mould and mildew off your grout with no result, epoxy grout could be your solution.

EPOXY GROUT can also assist in Stopping Leaking Showers & Leaking Balconies Repairs. 

Grout Wizards also specialise in the installation of Epoxy Grouting in ALL commercial areas.

Industry leaders in Tile Regrouting, we provide Epoxy Grouting solutions to our clients as a part of our wide array of professional services.

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