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 Terracotta and Slate Cleaning and  Sealing

There is no doubt that beautifully clean & sealed Terracotta or Slate floors look fantastic. 

However, there is nothing worse to look at than a tired, worn or dirty Terracotta or Slate floor. Not to mention how much it can devalue the affected area. You could be looking at 1000's of $ in lost value to your home or commercial areas.

Not just anyone can clean, seal & restore delicate surfaces like Slate & Terracotta. Getting it wrong can permanently damage the stone & cost 1000's of $ to repair (if you can).

Grout Wizards are experts in all aspects of Slate, Terracotta & Natural Stone Restoration. Our proprietary methods & procedures lead the industry & with over 35 years of practical & technical knowledge, we can guarantee your expensive stone floors will be treated correctly & brought back to their absolute best. 

Our proprietary range of sealers are the best sealers of there kind available today. We are fully trained in Natural Stone diagnosis so we know the right type of sealer to use on the Natural Stone surfaces you have. 

Getting the floors rejuvenated is only half the battle. Poor or incorrect maintenance will significantly reduce the life of your beautiful new floors. At the completion of every job, Grout Wizards will set you up with an easy to follow maintenance system & a supply of our state of the art maintenance products to ensure your beautiful new floors look great for many years to come.       

Our before & after photos speak a thousand words.

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