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Myths & Untruths

My Leaking Shower needs to be retiled

In most cases – it doesn’t. Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles are not porous but the grout most definitely is. Generally, it is the grout joints and corners of the shower recess that has failed & needs replacing, and the recess itself made waterproof. The original waterproofing membrane under the tiles may have failed or deteriorated, but a correctly sealed shower recess should not allow any water to even reach the underlying membrane. Grout Wizards are the leading industry experts when it comes to Repair Leaking Showers without removing tiles. It's far quicker & so much cheaper than the alternatives that are available to you. Our genuine 10-year warranty is your peace of mind. Never ignore a Leaking Shower – contact your local Grout Wizard to carry out a FREE Shower Health Check as soon as a leak is suspected.

Why do I need you? I can seal my Tiles & Grout myself.

Absolutely true. No argument from us. You can have a crack at doing it yourself. Head down to the hardware store & grab a DIY product & away you go. How Hard can it be? Anyone can ‘apply’ the sealer, but not just anyone can repair the damage if the wrong sealers are used. A common mistake homeowners make is to take the DIY sealer approach. The choice of the wrong sealer can have major repercussions including the permanent damage of the surface you are trying to treat. Despite what you might be told it is not a case of one sealer fits all & pretty well everything you can buy off the shelf is designed for DIY use, therefore, will last a DIY amount of time. If you are happy to redo it every 6 to 12 months or so that's fine. Don't forget that the surfaces must also be ‘prepared’ for the application of a sealer, in order for the sealant to do it’s job, and last. You could go through all of this to get at best a DIY result or just give us a call or request a quote & we can make sure you get a professional result using our exclusive industry leading sealing products. Grout Sheild & Ultra Armour both have a service life of 15 years & are fully guaranteed.

Bleach based products are the best thing to clean my shower with.

As a rule… no! Grout is porous, and regular use of bleach and other caustic products causes the grout ‘pores’ to open up, and quickly disintegrate. With repeated use, your grout will eventually break down, become brittle & fall out. You are also damaging the surface of your tiles as well. Ever wondered why cleaning your shower with bleach only works well for a few days? The ‘open pores’ caused by using harsh cleaning products make your grout vulnerable to bacteria and mould ingress inevitably occurs. Once the grout starts to disintegrate, the grout joints become shallow and weak, often resulting in water penetration and build-up behind the tiles. And, before you know it, you have a Leaking Shower! Always use pH Neutral products like Grout Wizards Neutra Kleen & Grout Wizards Citra Kleen to clean your tiles and grout, particularly in the shower. Not only are they better for the environment they will not damage your tiles & grout. If grout is crumbling or falling out, or the wall and floor corner joints are damaged or missing, the chances are your shower is leaking. It may not be visible in adjacent cupboards or rooms – yet, but structural damage from water escaping through damage or missing grout is inevitable! If you suspect that you may have a Leaking Shower give Grout Wizards a call straight away & we will come out asap & do a Obligation FREE Shower Health Check for you.

Bleach kills Mould

We wish it were true, we really do. It would be so easy. Head down to the shops grab some bleach, chuck it around & bob's your uncle. However, this is one of the great untruths. Bleach does not kill Mould. This has been scientifically proven & there is no disputing this. Here are the facts. Chlorine bleach is often regarded as the answer for removing and halting mould growth. It is usually the first thing many reach for when cleaning a mould contaminated area. While bleach may be effective in certain applications as a steriliser, it will not remove mould on a porous surface. Bleach can actually contribute negatively to certain mould problems causing quicker regrowth. Bleach can only remove surface mould. Because mould can grow deep roots within porous surfaces such as wood, grout & gyprock, bleach will not assist you in exterminating mould. The chlorine cannot penetrate to destroy the growth at its roots; it remains on the surface while the water component of the bleach reaches further, which can actually feed the mould growth. This is one of the reasons why mould returns in a very short time frame after the use of bleach & bleach-based products. I bet you didn't know that Chlorine bleach produces fumes that pollute the air and can become harmful to humans and pets. Chlorine bleach also generates a by-product called dioxin, which has been linked to cancer. Use over time builds up these pollutants in the environment. Ask your local Grout Wizard how you can achieve a virtually mould free shower recess.

What about Vinegar or Lemon Juice?

Yes, we know. Every 2nd lifestyle show on TV (they're all experts aren't they?) & most of the DIY sites will tell you about how great the "Natural Alternatives" are. Lemon Juice & Vinegar are the greatest things to clean your tiles & grout with & they are " Natural", eco-friendly etc etc. Again, sorry to burst the bubble. Lemon Juice has a ph of 2 & Vinegar has a pH of around 2.2 or so. So what, you might say. It's not until you compare them on the pH scale does it become a bit scary. Battery Acid has a pH of 2 & Hydrochloric Acid has a pH or 1. These 2 home remedies are highly acidic. Prolonged use WILL damage your expensive tiled surfaces. If you use these "home remedies " on expensive natural stone like marble etc you WILL permanently damage the surface. Prolonged use WILL destroy your grout, cause it to go brittle & fall out. You will also increase the possibility of a shower leak & increase the likley hood of mould growth in the damaged grout. If you would like to know the correct way to look after your expensive tiled surfaces give us a call on our toll-free number, request a quote or email us at info@groutwizards.com.au

A Steam Mop is the only thing I need.

Most Steam Mops do not kill 99% of germs & bacteria as claimed. For steam to kill germs it must come in contact with the surface at 160 degrees c. Most Domestic Steam mops operate at around 120 degrees c or less with most of those tested operating around 105 degrees. By the time the steam forces it’s way through the cleaning pad it has fallen (in some case) to below 90 degrees c. Those who use steam mops as their only cleaning method are in fact just liquefying the dirt & bacteria & moving it around the surface with some of this settling in the grout lines & actually making the grout even dirtier than before. Steam mops also do not clean the grout lines at all as they never make contact with grout line during the cleaning process. With this in mind. Steam mops are not an effective method of cleaning any grout lines. While Steam Mops may have there place as a in between cleaning method they are no substitute for a proper cleaning technique using a pH Neutral cleaning product like Grout Wizards Neutra Kleen.

My Carpet Cleaner can clean my tiles.

No point trying to deny it. Yes some of them can. But you have to ask yourself this. Can they do it right? In most cases it is a case of a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Over the last few years, a lot of carpet cleaners have added on just about any service that they can get hold of the equipment to do. You now have carpet cleaners doing pest control (we would have thought that was a specialist area of expertise), lounge cleaning, blind cleaning, air conditioning cleaning & of course tile cleaning just to name a few. We are sure that most people would like to have people who are specialists in what they do looking after the big ticket items around the home like your bathrooms & tiles. It costs no more to have the acknowledged industry specialists Grout Wizards look after & maintain your expensive tiles, grout & hard surface areas. You will get industry-leading expertise & knowledge. After all Tile, Grout & Hard Surfaces is all we do.